Take back our rainbows

Original painting by me 🙂

Brace yourself for the even storm
Warm and rosy
Raging like a marching band in August
Lulling feet and black hunched shoulders into the fog
Stay hidden, ordinary
Dim the lights, settle.

What if we peel back the noise
Take back our rainbows
Dance like the whole world’s watching?

©Lipstickandmiracles 2016  

Rainbow along Orchard Road, Singapore

Inspired by magical, sudden rainbows, sweet storms, painting magic faces (while referencing the ridiculously lovely 수지  Suzy – can you tell?!) and today’s Daily Prompt Breakthrough.


Come as you are

Shake off the silver dust of search,
the long march bathed in snowlight
and anticipation,
through the evermore of what life should feel like,
arms stretched for shooting stars
that have long expired.

Blow away the lucent petals of your quest
don’t even make a wish,
for I know a secret song,
a funny tune the old ones loved,
come as you are
imperfect and enough.


©Lipstickandmiracles 2016 

In response to A Year of Painting lesson on Healing Abstracts and The Daily Post’s Challenge Quest.

Home is everywhere


I took a thousand passionate steps,
small and quick,
breathless in my eagerness to arrive home.

The further I go, the stranger it gets
this landscape that mirrors home

©Lipstickandmiracles 2016 


If we were having coffee together this weekend, you would probably sense a certain caginess about me. I probably won’t be able to hold your gaze like I normally would. I’d probably touch my hair a lot, fiddle with my lemon-patterned top and my red coffee cup. Continue reading “Home is everywhere”

Heroic elephants crossing


She kicked a million blue pebbles
on her way to the sunset
where she believes her dreams
would hang low, kingly fruits
on Thambili trees
close enough to taste the nectar
of her buried purpose.

She picked a million misshapen shells
on her way to the Spirit river,
her toes digging in the black sand
with the weight of stars on her back,
shed the mantras and watch
blooming lotus clouds
wakening an unfamiliar sky.

She will come to you
draped from head to ankles
in fuchsia silks and pearls,
sure-footed and resolute like
heroic elephants crossing the sliver forest
weaving silent songs
and counting milk stupas.

Instead of a million steps
stay and take a million breaths,
I heard her say to the sunrise waves.

©Lipstickandmiracles 2016 

I’ve been obsessed with elephants since my trip to Sri Lanka last month. Their strength and peacefulness, dignity and fierce loyalty make me think they qualify, as much as any other Marvel character, to be my superhero ❤


Looking back rabbit

My painting of a mikaeri usagi (looking back rabbit), asking me to follow her down the soul’s path to where the dandelions sing.

Have you
listened to dandelions releasing to the wind
or the pit-pat song of tiny steps
showing you the way home?

Have you
felt a quivering of silver wings,
the silent, gentle creatures
living with all their might?

Have you
bowed to the beloved breath,
sharing a journey from forest to soul
gathering acorns and light?

One only needs to practise
an open heart.

©Lipstickandmiracles 2016

Lucky mikaeri usagi tokens at the Ujigami Shrine, believed to be the oldest standing shrine in Japan.

In Kyoto, I met the mikaeri usagi or “looking back rabbit”, a guardian spirit said to show us the way. The legend goes that a prince had gotten lost in the mountains but a rabbit appeared and showed him the way home. The rabbit would hop along the path, then turn back to look at the prince as if to say “Follow me”. That’s how the legend of the “looking back rabbit” came to be and the belief that the gentle creature will show you the right path through life.

I love this story of the looking back rabbit. For me it represents the wisdom of small, seemingly ordinary things with whom we share our journeys. The Native Indians too have their animal totems that they believe are Spirit Guides who protect and guide them.

I’ve often taken these steadfast companions for granted – the dragonflies and geckos – but I believe they could reveal messages of inspiration, hope, love, courage. If we pay attention, if we listen, if we live with open hearts.

The Daily Post Weekly Challenge: Shared journeys