We never touch

So close,
I can see your soul
ebbing and flowing
through the wires and light.

So connected,
we’re two stars
signing tales
4 billion years apart.

So careful,
the way trust
is threaded by words
for all to judge.

So crazy,
how we never touch
anymore, the earth,
warm hands, passing lives.


©Lipstickandmiracles 2016  

At some point, we’ll have to touch in order to trust.

Daily prompt – trust.


Author: lipstick&miracles

A poet-writer-dreamer who wants to share her collection of bright and quiet miracles strung together through travel, reading, writing, doodling and the rest of it. Shapes and words that make her heart skip a beat... and maybe yours too?

One thought on “We never touch”

  1. I wonder if part of touching ( reaching across the cosmos) is to trust and reach out so that the distance between two people is lessened by a one-sided leap of faith?


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