15 Awesome Blogs: Diamond in The Raw

Today’s blessing: a lovely call-out from a fellow blogger who transforms the world she observes into engaging stories. I’m grateful and humbled. Do check out her post and her blog. Love to all ❤

Box of Pages

I listed my 5 favorite blogs that I read regularly onprevious post,”Diamond in TheRaw” features the next 5 blogs. They are newly created, like hidden gems, beautiful, rough and undiscovered. Just like a diamond in the raw.

Many of them are just published 1-3 months ago, have just a few followers and are probably still directing their way in this wildering space of blogosphere. Just like me and my little blog!

In the original award — or I like to call “challenge” –Char of Londonnominated me,she required me to not only naming 15 blogs but also giving advice on blogging. Well, I’m a newbie, so what do I know about anything? But if I must, here are my two cents:

  1. Post a lot & regularly. I notice, that whenever I post a lot I also recieve a lot of visitors and views. Having our own audience…

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