Walking among shophouses

Shophouses at Joo Chiat Road and Koon Seng Road, Singapore

I’m not of this generation.
You use material too fast.
Burn things up, yourself included,
for nothing more than someone else’s gaze.

I’m used to stone, ceramic, colour,
spending months on end to detail the perfect floral pattern
underneath the roof, for no one’s enjoyment but the birds and the clouds.

I ponder the colour of the window, how it’d look against a pink wall
and your beautiful, messy, slow, unpredictable life.
I see you sitting at this green or blue-glassed window,
enjoying the trudge of nation building or dreaming.

Do I have a place in your time,
among the tall and sharp-edged? I can’t call them home for
we don’t share the same soul.

But I hope you’ll always sit at windows
and walk among shophouses
like you did today.

©Lipstickandmiracles 2016

Look at that floral pattern under the roof!
Beautiful colour and detail

I love the colourful, discordant shophouses that puncture the gleaming, sky scrapping landscape of Singapore, the super city of all things modern, financial, clean and efficient. This week’s Discover Challenge sent me on a lovely walk in the Joo Chiat area where time seems to have slowed to a palpable taste and colour. While we, as a society, run after bigger-better-newer, I hope we conserve our heritage to keep us grounded but always ready to dream.

In response to the For Posterity Weekly Discover Challenge


Author: lipstick&miracles

A poet-writer-dreamer who wants to share her collection of bright and quiet miracles strung together through travel, reading, writing, doodling and the rest of it. Shapes and words that make her heart skip a beat... and maybe yours too?

9 thoughts on “Walking among shophouses”

  1. How I just love your thoughts and words! Singapore is trying so hard to be super duper effective & modern country. That’s why I’m glad that they still have the old town kinda blocks.

    – E.


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