Precious wish


Reaching down to deep roots
Lifting folds of self
I seek out that hushed, precious wish
Polished brilliant blue by wave after wave of love
Give it a name, a place to rest
So the Universe will know the sound of my heart.


Everytime I travel, I’ve always enjoyed participating in the local wish-making and luck-assuring customs, whether it’s throwing a penny in the fountain in Florence, eating 12 grapes before midnight on New Year’s in Madrid or writing my wish on a wolf-shaped ema in Kyoto. For me, Japan has the most fascinating rituals and presents the most number of opportunities for seeking blessings. Here’s a previous post about my experience.



Regardless of how we do it, I think the act of – wishing, praying, asking – is what’s important. But string up those wishes wisely, pluck the truest and the brightest. I read somewhere that making a wish is like sending a sound wave to the Universe that says “this is what I want”, and the Universe answers ❤


Lipstickandmiracles 2017 

In response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge “Wish


Love Match


Sitting across the table from you
In the balmy kind of light
That seems reserved only for ordinary Sundays.
The cafe’s chatter fell like warm rain
As our fingertips traced the woody menu
Hovered over the Strawberry Tartlet.  
We exchanged dazzled smiles
Convinced that this is another sign
Of our intertwined destiny
Woven together over stories and coffee.
And just like that, we fell in love all over again.

©Lipstickandmiracles 2017

Inspired by The Daily Post Photo Challenge A Good Match

Pulled to rest by morninglight


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABorobudur at sunrise

She led me down a light-filled river
Up curved sails of an ancient temple.
She led me across the tenuous borders of myself
Into silver vastness of a breath.
We joined hands before the morning spoke
Waited in mist for her first words.

In the darkness we crossed many thresholds,
Desire, like a humid jungle filled with treasures
Struggle, a deep tangled ravine
Solitude, where we no longer sought but knew
Each pink shore and blessed wave, and the
Heart that is pulled to rest by morninglight.

Borobudur at 5.45 am

I knew I wanted to start the year and celebrate my birthday with a special trip. A short weekend trip, somewhere close to Singapore, a soulful destination where I could review the past year with peaceful objectivity and deep gratitude, and set my intentions for the next 365 days with optimism and trust. Borobudur called out to me and who could resist the pull of one of the greatest ancient Buddhist monuments in the world?


Borobudur at 6.30 am

The temple is located on the Indonesian island of Java, about 40 km or 1.5 hours drive from Yogyakarta where I decided to stay at the lovely Phoenix Hotel. There are many ways to experience Borobudur – solo or with a guide, at sunrise or sunset or anytime in-between, as a tourist, a photographer or a pilgrim. Continue reading “Pulled to rest by morninglight”

Love letters between heartbeats

IMG_5578.JPEGI’m not the only one to ask
what my soul is, why I’m here now
having this experience, my purpose
– if there is one.
There is.

I believe they’re all connected.
Solve one lights them all.

Answers are quick now,
knowing is common.
Still, I struggle.

My soul speaks softly,
sends me love letters
between heartbeats.

“Be still, here I am!”

She leaves clues in my palette,
footprints in greens and blues.
She dances in my verse.

All I need to do is show up.

©Lipstickandmiracles 2016

The Daily Post Discover Challenge Tough Questions.

Lessons in relaxation

img_5522A few lessons on relaxation from my kitty, Paillette:

~ First, whittle your priorities down to three things – food, play, love.

~ Next, trust whole-heartedly that the Universe will provide. And people are essentially good.

~ Then, find any cozy spot and reign over it!

~ Finally, snooze while basking in your own loveliness 🙂

©Lipstickandmiracles 2016

In response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge “Relax“.

Sacred little things

What can I tell you about sacred

– that you haven’t already felt deep in your soul
when the warm salt wind blows in from the Laccadive Sea
laced with fishermen’s gossip and mothers’ prayers?

– that you haven’t already tasted on your finger tip
as it traced the silver veins on pink lotuses melting
in the sun on ancient alters?

– that you haven’t already heard in the festive
song of dancing clouds rolling boldly
across our bare-souled pilgrimage?

– that you haven’t already held, fistfuls of rough
sand and pink salt rocks, shaped like uneven worlds
tumbling between love and habit?

©Lipstickandmiracles 2016

In response to The Daily Post Challenge “One, Two Three!” and Daily Prompt “Sacred“.

Is this place magic?

Everyday places
lean with mottled imprints
of someone’s dream-delirium
into the realm of magic.

Loving giraffes in New York
Giant bicycles in the Pyrenees
Fun graffiti in Paris
Being seen in Helsinki
Sexy kitty in Brussels – La Cycliste by Alain Séchas 
Streets underwater – Gracia festival in Barcelona

I’ve always been fascinated with how street art, mushrooming from a tiny seed of inspiration or imagination, spill suddenly onto our streets with such swagger that you can’t help but pause in wonderment – Is this place magic? And at that moment, the transformed everyday-scape shouts YES!

In response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge “Magic“.

©Lipstickandmiracles 2016